"It is the first time both of us have attended and it will be a huge help to us starting our blended family in June when we get married. Helpful to assess our expectations, work on communication, and set boundaries."

"It blew away our expectations, and this was our first event! Sessions were packed with so many wisdom nuggets that not only can be applied in a blended environment but also in life in general."

"I pray that this event has saved my marriage. I know that I am taking many "nuggets" to try and work on myself and pray my husband is as well so that we can have a better marriage and blended family.

It has helped our family tremendously and this event started a fire beneath us to do more. After today, we reached out to our pastor about starting a blended ministry!"

"It reminds me that I’m not alone and that a lot of what my spouse and I are experiencing and the kids are experiencing is normal in a blended family scenario. Even though we have some serious areas of issue, events like this and the other things FamilyLife Blended offers give me/us hope for the future and remind us to be patient when it feels so hard."

"My husband and I have led The Blended Family Ministry with another couple at our church for 9 years now. We are constantly being sought out for advice and support. The participants of our 8-week workshop crave more when finished. This was an excellent source of info for us and past participants. Always interested in new material to share with families."