What is Blended and Blessed?

Blended & Blessed® is the only one-day live event and livestream just for stepfamily couples, single parents, dating couples with kids, and those who care about blended families.

Join sites around the globe on April 29, 2023 as we unpack strategies that are crucial to healthy stepfamily marriages. With some of today’s most trusted and respected experts, Blended & Blessed will challenge, inspire, and encourage you.

You can watch at home with your spouse or even host an event in your home with your small group or friends, bringing together couples for one incredible day of teaching, music, and humor! Over 30,000 people from 22 countries have experienced the event over the past six years. 

Blended & Blessed Live Event

The live event will be broadcast live from Calvary Chapel Melbourne, Florida on April 29th. We hope you will consider joining us live for a day of great speakers, worship, encouragement, and practical help. 

Live Event Registration- $20

Blended & Blessed Livestream

Watch with a group at church, in your home with a group, with your spouse, or as an individual on a computer/mobile device.  

Home Livestream License- $20

Church Livestream License- $99

Couple picture


Couples Picture


Is your family living Blessed?

What does the word blessed mean? We say "God bless you" when someone sneezes. Some things are a "blessing in disguise." "Bless your heart", could be a genuine wish or sarcasm. So what does it mean for blended families to have a blessed home?

Far more than a gesture after someone sneezes, to be blessed is to be showered in God's grace. To know and trust Him as King, to be wrapped in His love, to be assured of His favor, and to orient your family within this state of blessedness. That is what we wish for your family and that is the theme of this year's Blended & Blessed Live Event and Livestream.

What people are saying

  • There is nothing like this! We are so encouraged and blessed by FamilyLife and FamilyLife Blended.  You are a lifeline for our marriage and stepfamily.

  • "I feel seen. Like my family matters and our problems are real. And that God has an answer for us!"


    2022 Attendee
  • "It reminds me that I’m not alone and that a lot of what my spouse and I are experiencing and the kids are experiencing is normal in a blended family scenario. Even though we have some serious areas of issue, events like this and the other things FamilyLife Blended offers give me/us hope for the future and remind us to be patient when it feels so hard."

    2022 Attendee
  • To say it was life-changing would be an understatement.

  • "It blew away our expectations, and this was our first event! Sessions were packed with so many wisdom nuggets that not only can be applied in a blended environment but also in life in general."


    2022 Attendee
  • I was pleased with how easy it was to host this event at our church.

  • This year it was full of encouraging reminders and reassurance that I'm not alone in the challenges. Finding FamilyLife Blended saved me from sinking in my blended family. I tell everyone about it.