What is a Livestream event?

A livestream event is an event that is broadcast to various locations simultaneously through the Internet. We will stream the Blended & Blessed live event using HD Internet technology. The event will be available worldwide.

Is this event just for married couples?

This event will help anyone that is part of a stepfamily – married, engaged, dating, single parents – or anyone who knows a stepfamily and wants to learn more.  

Where can I get promotional materials for my event?

Check back for promotional material for the 2019 event. 

We live in another time zone; do we have to start our event at the same time as it occurs?

No! Check back for details on how the 2019 event will accommodate your time zone. 

Where will I get technical support before and during the streaming event?

Hosts receive ongoing support through FamilyLife by calling our Service Specialists at 1-800-358-6329.  Additional information about support on event day will be given to hosts prior to the event.