What is a Livestream event?

A livestream event is an event that is broadcast to various locations simultaneously through the Internet. We will stream the Blended & Blessed Live event using HD Internet technology. The event will be available worldwide, live from Little Rock, AR.

Is this event just for married couples?

This event will help anyone that is part of a stepfamily – married, engaged, dating, single parents – or anyone who knows a stepfamily and wants to learn more.  

What is the cost to attend or host Blended & Blessed™?

FREE!!  Due to the generous support of FamilyLife partners, you can attend the live event, or choose to host the event in your church or home for free.  If you choose to find an event near you, there is a chance that location has chosen to charge for the event to cover services they are providing.  That should be clear on the registration page for each event location.

Where can I get promotional materials for my event?

You can find promotional materials for your church event HERE, and for your home event HERE.

What are the technical needs to host Blended & Blessed in my church or home?

A high speed Internet connection is required to receive the livestream, and a device to project, show, or view the stream is also needed.

We live in another time zone; do we have to start our event at the same time as it occurs?

No! We utilize DVR technology that allows you to join us at a time more convenient for you. You'll be able to join us and rewind the feed back to the beginning when you are ready to begin your event.  However, you must start your event within 24 hours of the end of the live event which is 4:00PM Central Standard Time on April 29th.    

Where will I get technical support before and during the streaming event?

Hosts receive ongoing support through FamilyLife by calling our Service Specialists at 1-800-358-6329.  Additional information about support on event day will be given to hosts prior to the event. 

Can I watch or host the event on a later date?

The short answer is no, the event will not be offered on another date, BUT, be aware that you can start the livestream up to 24 hours after the completion of the live event. Also, if you are in a time zone behind the live event, you simply move the DVR slider back to the beginning and start your event at the time of your choice. If those options do not fit your need, you will have the option to purchase the Blended & Blessed All-Access Pass after the event, which will allow you to stream the main messages. The access pass will not have the complete program, but it will have all of the main messages.