This Year's Event

About This Year's Event

The theme of this year's Blended & Blessed Livestream is Walk in Love which is based on Ephesians 5. When you Walk in Love, your family grows and your corner of the world changes for the better. Join us as we explore walking in love in your marriage, your parenting, and your community through the power of Christ.

With so many complex relationships involved in a stepfamily, all the normal rules for family life change. We'll spend the day discussing: 

  • The Way of Love in Your Marriage - Ray & Robyn McKelvy
  • The Beauty, Message, and Mystery of Marital Sexuality - Ron L. Deal, LMFT, LPC
  • Grace-filled Parenting in a Blended Family - Laurie Polich Short
  • Walk in Love with God's People - David & Meg Robbins